Hepatitis C Treatments

Hepatitis is a liver infection which can cause inflammation and damage to the liver.  Most commonly caused by a virus, this can also be caused by some medical conditions or the abuse of alcohol and/or medications.
There are many forms of Hepatitis C (HCV), while there are vaccines used in the prevention of Hepatitis A and B but there is no Vaccine to prevent Hepatitis C.
There are 3.9 million people that have this disease in United States.  Hep C can be a mild short term (acute) illness  or, for about 75% to 85% of people can become a lifelong (chronic) illness.

It is hard to know if you may have Hepatitis C because it can have such few symptoms.  Each person is affected in a different way, your face hands and skin can be affected  from hepatitis C and may show signs of the disease.

Hepatitis C has many stages:
Acute hepatitis C
Chronic hepatitis C
Liver Cancer

Hepatitis C most commonly can be spread from the blood of an infected person inside of the body of someone not infected, whether it is by needles or something that injects drugs, or from a mother passing it to their baby during childbirth.

Treatment starts when Hepatitis C becomes chronic and has recently changed from weekly injections, to oral therapy lasting anywhere from two to six months with minimal side effects.
Unfortunately many people don’t know their infected because they may not have symptoms and can be decades before they appear.

Bleeds easily
Bruises easily
Poor appetite
Skin and eyes has a jaundice or yellow discoloration
Urine dark in color
Skin itches
Buildup of Fluid in the abdomen
Legs Swell
Weight Loss
Confusion, drowsiness and slurred speech
Skin has spider-like blood vessels

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image shows World hepatitis day and HIV/ HCV co-infection awareness with red ribbon awareness in doctor hand

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