Vision Mission and Values image with Clock for CCCHC page with our Mission statement, Vision and Core Values for our organization


To provide quality health and human services to the medically-underserved and low-income populations in a culturally sensitive manner.


  To be recognized in Southern California as the PREMIER health care provider for the medically underserved and vulnerable population.

Employing the best trained clinical and professional staff and providing comprehensive services in convenient locations

Maintaining modern and attractive physical locations with accessible office hours that meet our patients/visitors needs

Understanding and adapting to the expanding ethnic and cultural diversity and providing culturally sensitive services.

Offering all services to patients at competitive fees with our neighboring health care providers, and seeking external grant and other financial resources in order to offer a discounted sliding fee based on family income to the medically underserved, medically uninsured and/or other special risk populations

Central City Community Health Center – Not for Profit Healthcare Since 1994