Images of Migrant Agricultural workers and Central city Staff at top of MIgrant Agricultural Workers Program at CCCHC

Migrant Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (MSAW)

CCCHC’s MSAW Program has been in existence since 2010. Providing services to agricultural workers through our clinic’s located in four counties; Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino. We also render services through our Medical Mobile Program. Our objective is to provide primary and preventive medical care, oral health, mental health, and substance abuse services to underserved, uninsured, and low-income agricultural workers. The MSAW population can be described as economically, socially, culturally and medically disadvantaged and faces unique challenges. In recognizing such challenges our Mobile Medical Program travels to nearby areas where MSAW patients work and live and can be treated in a culturally relevant manner.
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Have you worked in the fields/agriculture?
You may qualify for our Migrant Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.

¿Ha trabajado en el campo, es usted agricultor?
Usted podría calificar para el Programa de Alcance Comunitario para los Trabajadores Agrícolas de Temporada y Migrantes

Who qualifies for the MSAW Program: Someone who in the last 2 years has worked in any type of agricultural field, such as; aquaculture, forestry, nursery, preparing, irrigating, spraying, planting, and/or picking fields.

CCCHC Funding:
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) 330 Migrant Health and Community Health

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